Better Off Dead: Synopsis

Cast: 4 male / 3 female
Running time (approximate):
2 hours 20 minutes - not including the interval.
Availability: Better Off Dead is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
Better Off Dead has not been published.
A D Waterbridge (Algy), an author, 70s
Jessica Waterbridge, his wife, 70s
Thelma Bostock, his PA, 50s
Jason Ratcliffe, his publisher, 30s
Gus Crewes, a journalist, 70s
DCI Tommy Middlebrass, a figment, 50s
DS Gemma Price, a figment, mid-20s
A full synopsis of Better Off Dead will be published following the conclusion of the play's world premiere run during summer 2018.

Stephen Joseph Theatre summer 2018 brochure copy
Larger than life and highly irascible author Algy Waterbridge is hard at work on his 33rd crime novel featuring blunt Yorkshire cop DCI Tommy Middlebrass. But it’s been a while since Tommy was on the TV, Algy’s wife is getting frighteningly forgetful and his adoring PA sometimes oversteps the mark. With constant interruptions, it’s almost the last straw when old acquaintance Gus Crewe turns up to interview him for the press with alarming consequences.

But as Algy’s fictional character takes him over and real people introduce themselves into the dramatic climax of his novel, the lines become blurred and it might just be that fiction, misunderstandings and mistaken identity are closer to the truth than they seem.

Alan Ayckbourn's latest play is a comedy of confusion about an grumpy old man who might not be so grumpy after all.

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